Abadis Medical Reservoir is a new name in the medical equipment industry in Iran. The company started its operations with efficient and elite human resources of this industry in Shamsabad Industrial Park in 2017. Abadis started its products with disposable suction bags at different sizes with their accessories, and will soon present news about its other products in the field of nosocomial infection control. All equipment of this factory has been purchased from authentic European and Asian countries with the completely Iranian technical knowledge and is significantly higher than other Middle Eastern rivals compared to the quality of manufacturing devices, bags and reservoirs.
Abadis, with its high production capacity of two and a half million bags in the first year, not only affects the entire country, it is also ready to export its products to its neighboring countries.
Abadis has begun working with progress in the field of infection control in Iran, preventing foreign currency exit, job creation and resistive economy, and is now ready to cooperate with all hospitals, doctors, elites and all those involved in infection control.

About Abadis