Interview of the Economics Journal of the Exhibition with Abadis Co

Interview of the Economics Journal of the Exhibition with Abadis Co

Interview of the Economics Journal of the Exhibition with Abadis Co


Abadis Medical Reservoirs is a new brand in the consumable medical equipment industry in Iran. The company started its operations in Shamsabad Industrial Town in 2017 with efficient and elite forces in this industry. All equipment of this factory is purchased from authentic European and Asian countries with Iranian technical knowledge and compared with other rivals in the Middle East the quality of the devices, bags and reservoirs is significantly higher

Abadis, with its high production capacity of two and a half million bags in the first year, not only provides for the entire country, but also is ready to export to neighboring countries. This company begun its work aimed at enhancing infection control in Iran, preventing foreign currency drain, entrepreneurship and resistive economy and now it is ready to cooperate with all hospitals, doctors, elites and all those involved in infection control.

Abadis Medical Reservoirs is the first producer of disposable suction bags that is managed by Abolfazl Hasanali and his sons Navid and Alireza Hasanali. Abolfazl Hassanali was born in 1957 who managed the production of bread complexes and stone factories and since 2010, he has been active in the field of medical equipment with his sons. Navid Hasanali was born in 1996 who has been active in the field of medical consumables and promotion of hospital infection control since 2010. His education was in the field of bachelor of medical engineering. Alireza Hasanali who was born in 1990, holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in MBA and has been working with his father and older brother since 2015. To become familiar with these three managers of Abadis Medical Reservoirs, we had an intimate conversation with them. Abolfazl Hassanali while explaining about his ideas said, “We set up AOD med co. and our vision for medical consumables to promote hospital infection control. Accordingly, as a first importer of disposable suction bags from Japan, we began to work in Iran in Iran, we were looking for production from the very beginning. It took 6 years to reach to achieve this technology and the status in which we have the patent of this product and we are considered as the producer of this product all its accessories.

He added: Abadis Factory is located in Shams Abad Industrial Town in Tehran and we put our product under the name Abadis, which is a great work with high production potential and technical knowledge of Iran, which prevent the foreign currency drain and leads to entrepreneurship. Now, we have 20 work forces and we will for a 100-member group with upcoming sales and distribution programs throughout Iran.

Navid Hasanali said, “We are currently producing disposable suction bags in three sizes including all associated reservoirs, bases and T- shaped cap of bags that in addition to the cap design and powder in all bags, the advantage of this product over the other foreign ones is its better, more reliable and more suitable suction pressure. Generally, it can be claimed that it is capable of competing with foreign and high quality products.

He added: Our important achievement in 2017 was to register Abadis brand and achieve honor for Iran by all the efforts of these years and the technical knowledge through providing this product not only in Iran but also in the neighboring countries.

Abolfazl Hassanali adds: We are currently planning to sell and increase production capacity, which means we have two parts of entrepreneurship. Accordingly, we enjoyed the cooperation of hardworking laborers and specialists at the factory and we are recruiting for a network of retailers who are launching a sales network all over Iran.

In the end, Alireza Hassanali talked about the expectations of the authorities “We do not expect anything from the authorities except letting us to do our job at the beginning of our activity let along their support! We strongly demand the reduction of the administrative bureaucracy and tedious laws that put the producers and economic activists in trouble at all levels of business. We also consider confronting with illegal imports and foreign currency drain subject to the authorities’ programming.

Abolfazl Hasan finally mentioned, “We pray for the progress of our country to take positive steps at all levels of industry, especially the medical equipment industry, and hope for all people to have good days with improved economic conditions”.

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